The next Mindfulness in Nature MeetupĀ group, which meets near Austin, Texas, is rapidly approaching. The next group will be held on November 11, 2017. Details can be found on the Meetup page.

From the Meetup Group…..

*Please note that this November group is a special one because it is our last group of the year. As such, it will be more of a mini-retreat, lasting a little longer than usual.

The heat and harvest of summer are over. The birds have long since quieted, and the fawns have lost all their spots. Acorns have been dropping for weeks now, allowing the squirrels to become consumed in nut-burying busyness. Soon, leaves will start letting go of their branches so that they may return nourishment to the earth. Aided by cool north winds, many butterflies and birds have started migrating south to their winter homes, and many animals will soon build up extra stores of fat or a thicker undercoat of fur. As we enjoy the cooler temperatures, preparations are underway for the soon-to-come time of shorter days filled with stillness and quiet.

Nature has many gifts to offer us during this time of autumn. There is an interesting duality between the excitement of beautiful colors of leaves and a quietness settling over the land. Or of acorns falling to the ground so that life can be sustained and the solemnity of leaves from the same tree dying. Autumn offers a spaciousness that can help us enjoy the wonderful gifts present around us and prepare for the winter ahead.

Join us in exploring the autumnal gifts nature has to offer as we practice mindfulness and mindful engagement of the natural world.