Trauma and Play: Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series. Here's Part 1. So many different ways to play When most of us think of “play”, we think of being silly, goofing around, having fun. But according to Dr. Stuart Brown, a prominent figure in the field of play research (who knew?), there are actually 8 types of

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Trauma and Play: Part 1

Playing is hard No doubt about it, trauma can make it hard for adults to play. As a child, if you lived through abuse and neglect or other traumatic experiences, playing might not have been much a part of your childhood. Perhaps it was lost, or perhaps it was never there to begin with. If

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Secondary Trauma and Relationships: A First Step Toward Healing

Regular exposure to trauma and suffering changes you. It not only changes you, but the people closest to you, too. Over time, as they are trying to understand and help, they, like you, may also begin to struggle with secondary trauma. Not knowing what to do or how to best help you may leave them