3 Children’s Books with Nature Themes to Help Kids with Trauma

Quincy and Buck by Camille Matthews Ages: 5-7 “Quincy dreamed of trail riding. He wanted to feel the wind blowing in his mane and the sun warming his back….but riding in the desert is very different from riding in a corral. Anything could happen. When Quincy thought about this, he was too scared to go

Do You Have a Child with Past Trauma Who Gets Really, Really MAD?! Check Out These 4 Children’s Books

Uh oh. Anger. This is such a difficult feeling for adults and kids alike. It can be powerful, uncomfortable, confusing, and frightening, especially for kids who have experienced trauma. It’s also a completely natural, normal feeling, and can even be helpful when managed in a healthy way. It provides energy and focus, which can allow

Special Places and Sacred Spaces: The Gift of Place in Nature

Imagine a little pond set back in the redwoods and pines of northern California. Walking amongst these giants, imagine looking up along their trunks. And hearing the wind moving through the forest. Smelling the scent of pine in the air or the soft, earthy humus under your feet. Feeling connected, in some indefinable way, to