Nature Helps Facilitate Attachment and Healing

Tomorrow is the first day of Adoption Knowledge Affiliates’ annual conference in Austin, TX, and I’m pumped up! I can’t wait to reconnect with other professionals who work with adoption, attend some of the sessions, and meet other adoptive parents and adoptees. And – I’m excited to share my ideas, rooted in an ecotherapy approach,

Trauma and Play: Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series. Here's Part 1. So many different ways to play When most of us think of “play”, we think of being silly, goofing around, having fun. But according to Dr. Stuart Brown, a prominent figure in the field of play research (who knew?), there are actually 8 types of

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Trauma and Play: Part 1

Playing is hard No doubt about it, trauma can make it hard for adults to play. As a child, if you lived through abuse and neglect or other traumatic experiences, playing might not have been much a part of your childhood. Perhaps it was lost, or perhaps it was never there to begin with. If

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