The next Mindfulness in Nature MeetupĀ group, which meets near Austin, Texas, is rapidly approaching. The next group will be held on July 23, 2017. Details can be found on the Meetup page.

From the Meetup page….

Soaring temperatures. Humidity hanging in the air. Mosquitoes and chiggers. Windless days. Bird songs dwindling away, and colorful flowers fading into a landscape of green and brown. Summer is firmly rooted in central Texas, bringing with it plenty of opportunities to explore an experience universal to all humans: discomfort.

It is natural to want to avoid and move away from feelings, thoughts, or physical experiences which are uncomfortable. We all struggle at times with discomfort, pain, and suffering. Indeed, in the U.S., anxiety and depression rates continue to climb, and stress continues to be a significant problem for many. Practicing mindful awareness can offer a different way of understanding and managing our suffering. And during this time of year, nature offers us many opportunities to explore our desire to avoid discomfort so that we might learn new ways of thinking about and dealing with times of suffering.

Join us in exploring the early summer lessons and gifts nature has to offer as we practice mindfulness and mindful engagement of the natural world.

Reservations for RSVPs will open on Sunday, July 9th, and will be limited to 12 people.