After a great first group, the next Mindfulness in Nature Meetup group, which meets near Austin, Texas, is rapidly approaching. RSVPs are now open for the March 11th group, and details can be found on the Meetup page.

From the Meetup page….

Please note: we’ll be doing a little bit of writing for this group, so please plan to bring your favorite notebook and writing instrument.

After the stillness and dormancy of winter, nature begins to stir. At first, a few small flowers push up from the ground, before winter is quite through. Then, in short order, life appears from every direction, all around us. Suddenly, and only if we are paying attention, nature explodes with colors, sounds, smells, and tastes. The life force that surrounds us is impatient, purposeful, wild, and ancient.

On the day of this group, nature will be very near to stepping fully into spring. Winter’s last full moon, the Worm Moon, will appear the next evening, named for the time when the snows (okay, maybe not here in central Texas!) begin to melt and the earth softens, allowing earthworms to reappear. Following only one week later is Spring Equinox, when the sun crosses directly over the Equator, and the length of day and night are equally divided. As the sun continues north, bringing us longer days, plants and animals below receive the life-giving energy they need to survive and grow.

This awesome and lively time of year brings a multitude of opportunities for reflecting, learning, and listening. Nature teaches us about impermanence; each day brings different butterflies, birds, flowers, and weather. Nature mirrors back to us our struggles with impatience, longing, trust, clinging, or courage. And nature reminds us that we, too, are interdependent and interconnected with this web of life all around us.

Join us in exploring the early spring lessons and gifts nature has to offer as we practice mindfulness and mindful engagement of the natural world.